‘DALLAS’-Season 2 Premiere, Part 1- ‘Battle Lines’/Part 2-‘Venomous Creatures’




The Cast of Dallas-In Memory of Larry Hagman

This begins the final season with Larry Hagman as J.R Ewing.

Bittersweet. But, still sweet. The season premiere opened with a message from the cast. ‘Along we will miss our friend (Larry Hagman) dearly, his spirit will live on.’ The beginning of the final season with Larry Hagman. And so, it begins..

Sue Ellen is hot on the campaign trail, and John Ross (the GORGEOUS Josh Henderson) is hot on some..tail! He seduces a bride to be at her bachelorette party, only to blackmail her father into allowing John Ross to lease his oil trucks. It works..especially after John Ross shows him the CELL PHONE VIDEO of the dirty deed! Pictures are so passe..That’s J.R’s boy..’From tip to tail’..


John Ross (Josh Henderson) doing what his Daddy taught him.

Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Elena (Jordana Brewster) are blissfully in love, and now, Christopher has taken up Nascar racing. Not sure what that’s all about, but he sure looks good behind the wheel! Ewing Energies is in full swing,and Bobby, Christopher, John Ross, and Elena are partners. Their first vote does not go well, because John Ross feels that it will always be Bobby and Christopher against John Ross and J.r. Although J.R is not a part of the company, John Ross has enlisted his father to teach him every dirt trick in the book. J.R is happy to oblige. But, nothing will ease the broken heart given to John Ross, by Elena. Nothing except, maybe…a little revenge.


Miss him already.

Tommy Sutter’s sister, the real Rebecca Sutter is flown to Dallas by Christopher in order to testify against Pamela Rebecca in the divorce trial. Christopher tells Rebecca to stay out of sight. But, too late. John Ross is also hip to Ms. Sutter.

The evil, but kinda sexy, Harrison (ex husband of Ann Ewing) tells Ann that he ‘found their daughter.’ We discover in this episode, that Ann had a baby girl 22 years ago. When the baby was 18 months old, Ann was at the State Fair,and someone stole the baby from her carriage. Harrison tells Ann that he will only tell her where their daughter is, IF she gives him the blackmail tape of him confessing to money laundering. Ann knows that if she gives him the tape, she will have nothing to protect Sue Ellen from Harrison exposing Sue Ellen for bribery. Her child or her friend? Whatever Brenda Strong does…She is lovely doing it.


Ann (Brenda Strong) discovers her daughter is alive!

Bobby and Christopher to Barnes Global (the company owned by ‘that idiot Cliff  Barnes) and she formally introduces herself: ‘I am Pamela Rebecca Barnes.’ Cliff  Barnes is her father and Afton is her Mother. Needless to say, Christopher and Bobby are BLOWN AWAY! She offers him visitation (she is carrying his twins), plus she wants 30 % of Ewing Energies…Christopher: BRING IT ON! Pamela is starting to grow on me.

Sue Ellen gives Ann her blessing to give up the tape. Ann and Bobby go to meet,her daughter, Emma. But, the reunion is short. Emma wants nothing to do with Ann! And, it all comes crashing down for Sue Ellen, when the coroner she bribed goes to the press,and campaign is derailed.

John Ross shows on up Pamela’s doorstep with a present. They have a new team member-Rebecca Sutter.


Part 2-‘Venomous Creatures’

Christopher is cleaning up his old baby crib, in preparation for the twins. Remember, they are TWINS, Christopher. John Ross pulls up and takes an opportunity to take a crack at Elena. ‘Raising another woman’s baby..Elena, if that isn’t committment, I don’t know what is.’ Christopher wants to punch him out, but Elena calms him down. John Ross informs them that Sue Ellen is being hounded by the media since she lost the election. Ann is very distraught over her daughter’s reaction, and Bobby promises to get to the truth about what happened to Emma and why she feels that way.

Sue Ellen is upset over her loss and she does a very familiar act-she reaches for the bottle. I could hear fans all over the world scream, ‘NO!!!’..But, I was thinking: ‘Take the drink.’ Oh, come on..We all know it was ON, when Sue Ellen was drinking. But, before she breaks her long sobriety, J.R and John Ross show up. J.R gives her a pep talk and promises to make sure no charges are filed against her for the bribery. Before he leaves he encourages Sue Ellen to comfort Ann. That gives Sue Ellen teh stregnth to pour out the glass of wine.

Pamela Rebecca makes her presence known at her father’s company, much to Frank’s (Cliff’s henchman) displeasure. Little Pammy is taking over! The Annulment hearing begins and Rebecca’s attorney tries to portray her as a victim who only legally changed her name. Christopher’s lawyer asks Rebecca , on the stand, if Pamela intentionally tried to con Christopher. Rebecca does as she was paid to do by John Ross and Pamela, and she lies that Pamela was trying to make amends with Christopher…not con him. Christopher explodes in court. The Judge rules that their will be no annulment,a nd court will reconvene for Divorce proceedings. Christopher follows Pamela out of the courtroom,and promises Pamela that this means war. She responds: ‘You should have taken the deal.’

J.R tries to ask the U.S Attorney,nicely, to drop the case against Sue Ellen. He refuses and so J.R decides to take another approach. I think J.R prefers the latter, anyway. Bobby tries to get the truth about Emma out of  Harrison, but gets nothing. Bobby threatens Harrison, that he will find the truth, and Harrison better not have had anything to do with Emma’s disappearance.

Since he is such a friendly mood, J.R pays Pamela a visit. He informs her that she can forget about getting her hands on Ewing Energies. ‘I’m one for one for flushing out Pamela’s..I plan on being two for two.’ Classic line. Pamela delivers her payment to Rebecca. She tells her to leave town, but Rebecca wants help finding Tommy. Remember, Rebecca killed Tommy in Season one. Pamela tells Rebecca to ‘take the money.’

J.R succeeds in getting the U.S Attorney to drop the charges. Courtesy of a little blackmail, of course. Elena brings in a great deal, and so they all decide to give up some shares and give them to Elena.,making her an equal partner in Ewing Energies. John Ross agrees in order to help his image, and eventually use it to his advantage.

Frank betrays Pamela by sending Christopher a tape of Pamela threatening Tommy. He takes it to Rebecca and convinces her that maybe Pamela did something to Tommy. They head to the cops.

Bobby tracks down Harrison’s mother (Judith Light) and discovers that SHE kidnapped Emma, raised her London…and, Harrison was in on it!

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“DALLAS’- TNT Series Recap, 7/11-‘Enemy of My Enemy’

Let me start off by saying, the opening view of Southfork was priceless. Seems like such a happy place. John Ross is standing outside of Elena’s just looking good around the land that he always wanted to be his. He tells Elena that Christopher will say anything to break them up. Elena assures him that she is on his side. Bobby is outisde secretly taking his meds and sipping coffee, when John Ross tries to make nice and ask for a cup. Bobby lays into him that family means nothing to him, but John Ross says he’s wrong. The foreman John Ross hired comes over and tells him that Ryland transport (owned by Ann’s ex-husband) cut off transport of oil from Southfork. John Ross tells Bobby, ‘I never thought you were the type of man who would have his wife do his bidding for him”…Uh Oh…When Ann admits that she went to her creepy but kinda sexy ex- husband, Harris for help, he flipped!  Ewing Rule: If you are married to a Ewing man, you are not allowed to ask any other man for help. Period. But, she was trying to help. They came to an understanding, and all is well again.

John Ross (Jos Henderson) tells Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy) that Ann went to her ex-husband for help.

Since J.R is on away, John Ross is struggling to get his oil moving. He goes to Sue Ellen, and ask her to help. She first says ‘No’ out of ethics, but later changes her mind, when she sees how much she disappointed her son.

John Ross (Jos Henderson) goes to his mother, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) for help.

To make matters worse, Nutty Marta shows up and tries to get John Ross to run away with her. He tells her to get lost, in a very rude way: “I wouldn’t go across the street with you”….How rude. She leaves, with a crazy look on her face that lets us know that we have not seen the last of her. And, neither has John Ross. He arrives at Elena’s house for a cozy evening and they notice the door is open. Elena was sure she closed it, but no big deal, they just walk in. I guess they weren’t worried about the prowler Ann shout at in the first episode? When Elena is in the other room, John Ross notices a knife stuck in the photo of him and Elena! Only one person would do that: Nutty Marta! John Ross takes off and finds Marta has skipped out without a trace.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the doorbell rings and in walks the once sweet, but now considered con artist, Rebecca. She is also trying to help: She discovers that there may be a hidden trust that could block the drilling on Southfork. Christopher and Bobby thank her, but Christopher is far from ready to forgive. Bobby thinks it’s worth looking in to. They search through Grandpa Southworth’s (Miss Ellie’s Daddy) things and discover the key to a safe deposit box.

Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) may have found the key to stop the drilling.

They go to the bank, open the box, and ‘will you looka here’…Old man Southworth kept ownership of the mineral rights separate from the actual land ownership of Southfork! In a nutshell, J.R owns the ranch, but Bobby, Gary, and J.R own the oil! And, Gary gave his share to Bobby, so ghe controls it. NO DRILLING ON SOUTHFORK, JOHN ROSS! Considering the visit, John Ross had from his business partner, he is on the verge of crying out: ‘DADDY’!!! But, J.R is a little busy in Sin City spying on Cliff Barnes. Apparently J.R is convinced that Cliff is ‘up to something’ and he wants to squash him like a bug. Just like old times.

J.R (Larry Hagman) is out to beat Cliff Barnes…again.

All is well in the land of Ann, until she receives a mysterious gift from Harris. A beautiful necklace that causes Ann, to breakdown in tears. Bobby is mad as Hell, when he sees the note from Harris, and doesn’t like anybody playing games with his wife. He pays Harris a visit and bitch slaps him in his on office! Mama Bear, Sue Ellen goes to visit Harris and asks him to let John Ross use his trucks, in exchange for an appointment to the Railroad Commission. He turns her down, but makes her squirm just like he did Ann. He will be happy to help, and even forces her to take a donation for her campaign. I don’t know what it is about this guy, yet, and the mind games he plays, but I will enjoy finding out..

A gift from her ex-husband, causes Ann (Brenda Strong) to have a major meltdown.

Rebecca makes one more trip to Southfork to pick up her car, before Christopher repossess it and after seeing how Christopher REALLY is not that in to her anymore she gets ill. Elena comes along and takes her to the hospital. Rebecca assures Elena that she is fine and sends her on her way. But, she says that she hopes Elena and Christopher will be happy. Elena tells her it’s over between her and Christopher. That may be a good thing for Rebecca, because she finds out that she is pregnant!

On a side note: Does anyone remember that Cliff  Barnes had a daughter with Afton Cooper (played by Audrey Landers) who she named REBECCA after Cliff and Pam’s mother?? Could Uncle Cliff be behind this whole deal to con his own adopted nephew? OR, have we just run out of names? Stay tuned…

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‘DALLAS’-T.V series recap, 7/4- ‘Truth and Consequences’, It was a SCAM!

A fight, someone is thrown off of Southfork, and J.R (Larry Hagman) and Bobby (Patrick Duffy) are at WAR! And, that was just the first 10 minutes! This was the HOTTEST episode so far this season, and left us with new questions…Last week ended with Rebecca about to confess about the mysterious email to Elena. This week, she tells him everything and in fact it was her brother Tommy who sent the email as part of their scam to get Christopher’s energy patent. Christopher storms off , finds Tommy and knocks him to the ground in front of the guests at the Ewing Bar-b-Que. Christopher tells Bobby and Ann about the scam, and Bobby throws Tommy off of Southfork. In the house, Christopher grabs Rebecca’s clothes and tosses them in a suitcase! The honeymoon is OVER…Of course Rebecca pleads, and tries to convince him that she was never going to take his money..Girl, please. It is too late for that. She’s outta here!

Christopher knocks Tommy out after he finds out about the scam.




Christopher throws Rebecca off of Southfork



Just as they are trying to digest this latest trauma, Bobby gets the shock of his life..although it really should not have come as too much of a shock: the deed to Southfork is in J.R’s name!? Bobby heads for J.R’s room for the BIG confrontation. Cool as ever, J.R explains very simply that is taking what should have been his in the first place. His version of the story is that He found out that Marta was going to sell Southfork to Cliff Barnes and he could not have that. Bobby smells a big rat, and he heads to talk to Mitch Lobell is Shiester attorney. Best line of the show: Ann says to J.R: ‘I never imagined you would stoop this low’, J.R replies: ‘Ann, you need to work on your imagination.’ Priceless.

J.R and Bobby are at war again!

Bobby sees that Mitch Lobell has left town. Ran for his life is more like it. An APB is issued for Marta and the cops tell him that the sale of Southfork to J.R is valid, unless they can prove J.R knew about the fraud. Good luck with that.

Elena is just as shocked as everyone else about the Southfork deal and she goes to ask John Ross (Josh Henderson) if he was in on it. John Ross doesn’t tell her the complete truth, and the fact is since his name is NO WHERE on the deed. John Ross feels doubled crossed. It’s time to go see Daddy.

Bobby can’t stand the image of oil tankers pulling on to Southfork. Christopher won’t stand for it. He wants to get tough and fight dirty like his cousin and uncle. Bobby tells his son, that they won’t stoop to their level. He has beat J.R before and feels he can do it again. John Ross goes to see crazy Marta and she tells him that she helped J.R stick it to him, because he broke her heart. He threatens to tell the cops where she is, but she reminds him that he will never get Southfork if he does that.

O.K, I wouldn’t be a true Dallas girl, if I did not admit that one of the shows highlights was seeing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talking to J.R Ewing at Cowboy Stadium! I have a feeling that it was just as much a dream come true for Jerry as it was for us Dallas fans…Was it just me, or do those two look like they could be brothers?

J.R Ewing and Jerry Jones. Two peas..


J.R and John Ross attend a Dallas Cowboy game. Perfect!


Christopher does NOT take his Dads advice and decides to get his hands a little dirty. He bribes the doorman into letting him into John Ross’ apartment. There he finds the sex tape that Marta left for John Ross and a note apologizing for cutting him out of the deal. The boy wonder may be on to something.

John Ross tells John Ross he is leaving town for awhile and John Ross will be left in charge. “Make your Daddy proud”, J.R says as he gets on his helicopter. While watching  J.R fly away, for a split second, I think John Ross wanted to say, ‘Wait Daddy!’…Oh, he’ll be back..

It doesn’t take long for Ann to soften enough to agree to a meeting with Rebecca. She always did like her. They meet for dinner and Rebecca continues to apologize, and insist that her brother forced her. “Your choices are your own”, Ann says with some compassion. Christopher gets drunk and goes to Elena’s. It reminded me of ‘A Streetcar Named Desire” as Chris called her name, ‘Elena! Elena!’..You know, like, ‘Stella! Stella!’..Anyway, she let him sleep it of on the couch,a nd kicked him out in the morning. She hasn’t forgotten the way he talked down to her for being ambitious. In a surprising twist, Ann went to visit her ex-husband, who has a mean attitude, but it sexy the way he toys with her mind. Wonder what the story was there…

Episode Star: Brenda Strong shines as Ann Ewing. There is more to her story..

John Ross is not pleased when he sees Christopher waiting for him at his condo. With the tape. John Ross informs him that since his name is not on the deed, they can’t accuse him of fraud. But, conspiracy is a crime, Christopher informs him. And, unless John Ross provides him with proof of the fraud, John Ross is going down as well.

Oh, I forgot to ask: Did the Cowboys win that game?

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‘DALLAS’ t.v show recap, 6/27-‘The Last Hurrah!’

I apologize for not writing a recap last week.


It must be nice waking up to Jesse Metcalfe, who plays Christopher Ewing, but the feeling of joy turned to fear very quickly for Rebecca. We learned last week that she SENT THE EMAIL that broke up Elena and Christopher! And, John Ross knows. So, that can only mean one thing: Time for a little blackmail. John Ross calls Rebecca and tells her she will do exactly what he says, or he will tell Christopher about the email. Oh No!

John Ross blackmails Rebecca into helping him steal Southfork.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ann Ewing is trying to get Bobby to help her clean out Miss Ellie and Jock’s things. He keeps making excuses, obvious that selling Southfork was harder then he realizes. Wait until he finds out that he sold it to J.R! Speaking of the man with the hat, he has instructed John Ross that they must get photos of Mitch Lobell’s (the attorney working for Bobby on the Southfork sale) son doing drugs in order to blackmail Lobell into making sure that J.R does get Southfork. John Ross decides to use Rebecca to set him up.

J.R brings Sue Ellen a pearl necklace that belonged to Miss Ellie.

Sue Ellen is looking rich and powerful, as J.R appears at her door with a gift. Miss Ellie’s pearls. The look of sentiment on her face does not go unnoticed. They almost have a ‘moment’, until who shows up? That ‘idiot, Cliff Barnes!’ Sue Ellen explains that since she is running for Governor, she asked Cliff to give her some political advice. Political advice? Cliff? O.k…Of course J.R is not pleased and says that he can’t believe she is really going to ‘break bread with him’. ‘You gave up the right to have a say in who I dine with a long time ago…’ My, we have come a long way, Mrs. Ewing.

Elena finds John Ross drowning his sorrows in a local bar, and suggest that they work together again. She needs his help charming, Mrs. Henderson (a landowner) into selling some of her land for drilling. He agrees and turns on the ‘Ewing charm’…Elena decides to give their working relationship another shot. Just working. But, trouble may be on the horizon, when J.R finds out that Marta (whose real name isVeronica) has a violent jealous streak. One that he plans to use in order to get her to turn on John Ross. Surprised that J.R would let a nutcase that close to his boy, but….somehow, I trust the man in the hat.

Attempting to follow through with eher assignment, Rebecca meets Lobell’s son at an NA meeting and gets jhim alone. After hearing his story and realizing he really is trying to stay clean, she can’t go through with it. She tells John Ross, and he tells her that was a big mistake. John Ross is able to get Marta to handle it, and she shows J.R the photos. Well, darlin, he has some photos for you as well. Photos of John Ross and Elena! Marta begins to boil,and J.R suggest that she and him make a new deal.

J.R and Marta make a dangerous deal.

When Lobell finds out that his son used drugs again, he knows that he could be sent back to prison. Of course, J.R can prevent that IF, Lobell pushes the sale through and puts Southfork in J.R’s hands. I think Lobell sees where this is going. And, not only does J.R want Southfork, but he is cutting John Ross OUT of the deal!

The last Ewing bar-b-que was a bittersweet moment for the Ewings. When J.R announced that his date had arrived, I had a feeling it could only be, Sue Elle. The sight of the two of them sitting at the dining room table that was the setting of many family meals, that usually ended with someone storming off, was a priceless moment for real Dallas fans. Outside as folks are mingling, Rebecca sees John Ross arrive. He had sent her a message saying that he was coming to the bar-b-que and he was going to tell Christopher everything! Rebecca panics and runs to find Christopher. ‘I have something to tell you. It’s about the email that was sent to Elena on your wedding day…..’

I sense a REAL Texas tornado coming…

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’


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‘DALLAS’-T.V Series Pilot, RECAP (6/13)-Part 1 and Part 2!

The Cast of DALLAS 2012

The Premiere was split in 2 episodes. Here is Part 1 and Part 2.



Who says you can’t go home again? Someone who has never been to Southfork , and certainly not someone with the last name Ewing. It was almost surreal for a girl who LIVED for Friday nights in the 80’s even though I could hardly read my own name, I could certainly  make out the initials, ‘J.R! Within the first, five minutes, there was an oil well, proudly displaying the Texas symbol most of us city folks never get to see in person. Imagine that. The excitement kicks off almost immediately when Elena, played by Jordana Brewster, yells, ‘Wake Up, John Ross!’ And we see the image of a young man stretched out, but who jumps up quickly at the smell of oil. Did anyone else feel the tingle of the spirit of James Dean in ‘GIANT’ ?  There he is. J.R’s boy- John Ross Ewing III, and I could hear viewers all over saying, ‘Chip off the old block’…We struck oil! Only one problem…Uncle Bobby, does not want drilling on Southfork. That sounds familiar.

And, we first see our beloved Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) in the doctor’s office, were he is told that he has stomach Cancer. Of course he took it with the nobility that we would expect..’I don’t want my family to know,’ he says before he exits. All together now: ‘Oh, No…’ Of course, his wife, Ann, (Brenda Strong) eventually finds out and lends her love and support. She also knows her way with a shotgun, when an intruder breaks into the ranch.

The opening theme song, stayed true to the original, ‘THANK GOD!'; and, like a kid who went away for the summer….I too, was back home.

Christopher Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe) appeared on screen as the golden boy, that he was meant to be. He is Bobby’s son (adopted) after all. He wants to expand in the Energy business, since his Daddy is no longer in Oil. Christopher meets with investors,and stands his ground when they try to belittle his dream project. Enter a cute girl, who speaks French to Christopher (what Texas Boy can resist that) and the two go make out in the locker room. Turns out the young lady is Rebecca , Christopher’s fiance. She seems sweet enough ,and Christopher definitely seems smitten’.

A moment that was highly anticipated, and was quietly sled into..The appearance of J.R Ewing. Sitting silent in a chair of what seems to be a nursing home ( for the VERY wealthy and powerful only) and the dutiful brother , Bobby visits reguraly. Bobby tells J.R that he is worried about John Ross and Christopher and does not want them to be like he and J.R. He kisses J.R on the forehead and tells him he loves him. J.R never says a word.

Now, we are going to speed things up a little…Here we go:

Bobby decides to sell Southfork, due to his illness and the fighting between the boys. He also plans to give Christopher the money he needs to start his Energy company.  If you are a true ‘DALLAS’ fan, then you remember when Miss Ellie threaten to sell Ewing Oil, because Bobby and J.R could not work together. Anyway, John Ross won’t hear of it. He shows Uncle Bobby and Christopher the oil well, and Bobby says, ‘NO DRILLING ON SOUTHFORK!” John Ross, takes a very disrespectful tone in regards to it being to late to ‘honor Miss Ellie’s precious memory’…Very surprising considering how good Miss Ellie was to her grandchildren. Bobby is furious and kicks John Ross of f the ranch. This is where things get tricky…

John Ross decides it’s time to pay his Daddy a visit. He talks to a catatonic J.R about how everything has been taken from them, and he is contested Miss Ellie’s will in order to get control of Southfork. J.R responds…He thinks…He sends John Ross for some Jell-O…And, then once his scheme has clicked in his head, he tells his spawn, ‘Son, I forgive you for not visiting sooner..” And, so it begins..

On Christopher’s wedding day, John Ross find out that Chris’s energy deal is flawed, He tries to black mail into telling Bobby to stop the sale of Southfork, or he will expose him’ for the fraud that he is..’ It is also revealed that Christopher and Elena still have Strong feelings h other (they dated when they were younger) and they were tricked into breaking up. Christopher accuses John Ross of sending Elena an email (claiming to be Christopher) breaking up with her. John Ross says he did’nt send it, and on mysterious begins…Who really broke up Christopher and Elena? And, why?

Sue Ellen (the FABULOUS Linda Gray) arrives to give her son some much needed support. Regretful of using him against J.R, she vows to ‘make it up to him’…

A very interesting character to the mix, Marta del Sol, arrives as a possible buyer for Southfork. But, wait…we later find out, she works for J.R! But, wait, then we see that she is working with John Ross to double cross J.R!

Ahh…It’s so nice to be home again…


The original cast of ‘DALLAS’ in the ’80’s


Things may have been going well for John Ross and his scheme, until J.R catches him and Marta kissing in the parking lot of the nursing home! Let the games begin, son..J.R is already antsy begins Marta is stalling getting J.R in touch with her father so they can close their deal on Southfork. The plan is that Marta will buy the ranch for J.R and transfer it into his name. This is plan is thick with layers and players. Not only is John Ross scheming with Marta, but also the lawyer , Mitch Lobell, who Bobby has intrusted with the sale of Southfork. Oh, yeah, J.R has Mitch in his pocket too.

Sue Ellen gives Elena the boost she needs to explore her oil projects and she may have found a powerful ally in the possible, future Governor.

Surprisingly, the Cattle Barons Ball, which was once the ‘Oil Baron Ball’ usually took place later in the season, because there was often a climatic moment. This time, it was new bling, and the spectacular setting of American Airlines Center. The belt buckle on J.R that read ‘J.R’ in diamonds, was ‘Baller Personified!’ J.R and Bobby made nice, he likes Ann, and made Sue Ellen flutter. After all these years, he can still get to her.

The last 15 minutes were like a slow spiral into the well of deception…John Ross goes to see Marta, and she drugs his drink, they have sex and she tapes it! Not sure what the purpose of that was, but I can wait. And, just when you think Marta was only a secondary pawn…J.R makes a trip to Mexico and talks to Carlos, and meets the real Marta! Even J.R is stumped…

Ya’ll come back, now…

‘DALLAS’-T.V Series Premiere Party Recap with Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray!

Everything REALLY is bigger in Texas, and when Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman, Linda Gray and the rest of  the cast of the new DALLAS-T.V series, came to town for the show’s premiere, this was no exception. The Winspear Opera house in Dallas, Texas was decked out with FABULOUS backdrops, displaying the cast photos and show logo. With the feeling of a Hollywood film premiere, the red carpet was lined with local and national media, along with plenty of adoring fans.

Like a miracle resurrection, they began to appear. Patrick Duffy, who plays the do-good little brother, Bobby Ewing, expressed excitement at coming home to Southfork, “Bobby Ewing is so much apart of me, all I need is a pair of cowboy boots and I’m home!’, said Duffy. Fans will never forget one of the most shocking moments in T.V history- when Bobby Ewing appeared in the shower..Back from the DEAD!’ Fortunately for us, the ‘dream’ has come true..


Linda Gray and Nicole Barrett-Red Carpet

When Linda Gray came down the carpet, my heart skipped 10 beats! She was as stunning as I remembered the last time I saw her on screen as the long suffering, alcoholic, wife of a ruthless philandering husband. These days, however the character of Sue Ellen has transformed into a strong independent Businesswoman. And, as she told me on the carpet, ‘She is RICHER than J.R.!’ Now, that won’t last long. The show is destined to revisit the love/hate story that kept viewers wanting J.R and Sue Ellen to end up together no matter what! As, J.R once said, Sue Ellen is “the only woman I ever truly loved.” Ms. Gray chatted with me on the carpet, and promised that Sue Ellen will NOT be boring. But, I sincerely hope Sue Ellen does start drinking again. Things were always more exciting when Sue Ellen was hitting the bottle!

O.K, so I am REALLY warmed up, and feeling very welcomed and right at home. The weather was perfect to be outside, as long as we needed to be. And, then, as my eyes were fixated on the entrance to the carpet- I saw it. The universal symbol that the GREAT man has arrived! Only ONE man can wear a hat that BIG…It’s J.R Ewing, himself! Larry Hagman is graciously making his way down the red carpet. Stopping to talk with each reporter. Smiling, with his hands grasping his jacket, and letting the world know…There is only one. I had 3 questions prepared. I forgot them all. When it was my turn, I managed to ask one question. “Can we expect a kinder, gentler J.R Ewing this season?” He flashed that ‘I know something you don’t know grin’ that we fell in love with 35 years ago, and he said, “God, I certainly hope not.” So do we, J.R. So do we.

Larry Hagman and Nicole Barrett-‘Dallas’ Premiere Red Carpet

The remaining cast members who are new to Southfork, Jordana Brewster, Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe (from Desperate Housewives), and Julie Gonzalo, also walked the carpet, waved to fans, and seemed ecstatic to be a part of a legacy like Dallas. Josh Henderson, who plays a very grown up John Ross Ewing (the son of Sue Ellen and J.R) seemed especially humbled by his new role. “It’s a huge honor. I just want to live up to it,” said Henderson. By the way, he is CUTE. Brenda Strong, adds a lovely mixture to the group as Bobby Ewing’s wife, Ann. But, make you mistake, she is  Ewing  tough!

Josh Henderson and Nicole Barrett on the red carpet -‘Dallas’ Premiere

Brenda Strong interviewed by Nicole Barrett at ‘Dallas’ Premiere Red Carpet


I won’t give away too many details from the premiere episode, but the Ewing structure has changed a little. Southfork belongs to Bobby, and J.R seems to be settled into quiet retirement. Not for long. As John Ross tries to reclaim the Ewing throne, it awakens some old feelings in J.R that maybe he isn’t quite done, yet…Love triangles, scandal, and lots and lots of OIL! Just like the old days…but, better!

As an Actress, I look forward to the greatest show of all time returning to my hometown, and opening the doors for more diverse opportunities. As opposed to the Dallas of the 80’s, Black and Hispanic Actors will not be limited to practically non-existent roles. For the first time, I can truly say that I have a chance at a role on ‘DALLAS’!  The show will reflect, ‘real life’ in Dallas. And, I think we all can agree, this really is a new Dallas…

With the same principle: ‘Let the Backstabbing begin!’

The Cast photo was the perfect backdrop for the Red Carpet!

Watch the ‘DALLAS’ premiere on TNT, Wednesday, June 13th!

For more on the new ‘Dallas’ T.V series, listen to ‘The Nicole Barrett Show‘, every Saturday night 8p-9 on KLIF 570am, or online at http://www.klif.com !

That’s the view from ‘A Real American Girl’


Real Housewives of Atlanta- Season Premiere Recap…’Oh, Yes! The mess is BACK!!’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Some people wait all year for Christmas…I wait for the Season Premiere of ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’! And, it was well worth it..Here we go:

A very pregnant Kim Zolciak, (although she gave birth to a boy, in the summer) is planning on moving into her dream home, with fiance, Kroy Biermann. He is cute, but obviously younger, but hopefully not too inexperienced. Watch out Kroy…Kim is an ‘Old Schooler’..

One of the impressive things about Kim this season, is the make-over of her Assistant, Sweetie. You may remember Sweetie (who NeNe referred to as a ‘slave’, last season), as the loyal, yet verbally abused Assistant to Kim. This year, Sweetie is still loyal slave assistant, but with MAKE-UP!

Some of the ladies are exploring their Business skills: Kandi is starting a line of Sex-Toys (gross!), Phaedra is planning on opening a funeral home…OK? and, Cynthia has started the Bailey Agency, a modeling school for girls. Some of these ideas appear to cry for help to Bravo: PAY RAISE PLEASE!!

In respect to Kandi Burress, I was really pulling for her to restart her singing career. When she first came on the show, she was focused on that and raising her daughter, Riley. The sudden death of her ex-fiance AJ was a major blow, but the talented artist bounced back. Just not sure about the sex line idea. Will get back to you on that….

Cynthia Bailey was a newcomer last season, and really didn’t gel at first. But, when it was revealed that she may NOT walk down the aisle with her then fiance, Peter…Cynthia became a little more interesting. Oh, yeah, and she has a daughter with Actor, Leon. I know…Who cares? However, based on the previews of this season, Cynthia may have a little more juice in her storyline. There may be some issues between her husband and her sister. The sister was not supportive of the marriage, and that is never good.

Phaedra Parks seems to have risen above last years gossip surrounding her ‘ex-convict husband, Apollo and her baby’s due date. As an attorney, she seems to be the only one with a steady career. Also, the best wardrobe.

The highlight of the episode…NeNe and Sheree: The Fight! Please make note, of the new catch phrase: ‘I am VERY rich!’, NeNe Leakes. So much better, if you see for yourself:

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Bette Davis Does it with Dignity

Bette Davis (1908 – 1989)

We celebrate TCM‘s showing of DARK VICTORY with a quick & sassy tribute to Bette Davis…Empress of the Silver Screen. Betty considered her role in DARK VICTORY her favorite.

Who doesn’t like a good Bette Davis movie, quote or anecdote? “From the moment I was six I felt sexy. And let me tell you it was hell, sheer hell, waiting to do something about it.” Bette Davis. There are so many delicious tidbits about BD that I won’t even try to cover the scope of her career, her audacity, her bigger-than-life persona!

In an uber-abridged nutshell, she was born as Ruth Elizabeth Davis in Lowell, Massachusetts. Her father was a patent attorney and her mother was a portrait photographer. Her mother was the one that encouraged Bette to become an actress. Davis started out as a stage actress but moved quickly into a film career. After a rocky start with Universal Studios she was snagged by Warner Bros., which brought her much success. But it did not take long for BD to become the staunch character she is known for…she challenged the male dominant film industry on all sides and with almost everyone, winning the reputation of being difficult. So I’m thinking, when she was not hirable as an actress, she went for endorsements…found this jewel:

She was judicious, she was relentless, she was charming and she IS incomparable! Some still attempt to find a comparison like Susan Hayward, often called the “Bargain Basement Bette Davis”; or Joan Crawford (she is rolling in her grave on that one) or perhaps even Glenda Jackson, but there really was no one like her or ever will be…ever, ever, ever! Not many stars who are alive, even, have websites dedicated to them, but Bette does: www.bettedavis.com
Can’t you hear her screaming: “But cha are Blanche, ya are in that chair”!

Thanks to Ms. Davis for the fabulous movies you have given us! You will be studied for decades and centuries to come.



The only Bette Davis line made famous by another star. The original “What a Dump”: 

She played the QUEEN that she is…thanks for this video Steve Hayes “Tired Old Queen of the Movies” (love how well he inpersonates BD). Follow him on Twitter: @SteveHayesTOQ 

She’s Got Bette Davis Eyes 


Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion, Part 1- ‘Non Capisco!’

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- Season:3 -- Pictured: (l-r) Jacqueline Laurita, Teresa Giudice, Caroline Manzo, Kathy Wakile, Melissa Gorga -- Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

Things are not so lovely in the Garden State. Season 3 of the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ gave us a painful view of the unraveling of a family and more than one friendships. and, BOTH tragedies center around, original cast member, Teresa Guidice. For those of you who don’t watch the show (are you kidding me?), Teresa is the flashy, brassy, Italian girl from New Jersey. Teresa was a fan favorite in Seasons 1 and 2. Known for the infamous ‘Table Flip’ and her catchy phrase ‘Prostitution Whore!!”, when describing for cast member, Danielle Staub, Teresa was adored by millions. So, what happened? This season, Bravo decided to bring Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and his wife, Melissa, and Teresa’s cousin, Kathy Wakile and her husband Richie on as fellow cast mates. Well, that may have worked for the Manzo’s, but it was bad news for the Gorga’s.
Apparently, Teresa and her brother were NOT on good speaking terms. In fact, in the FIRST episode, (at the Christening of Joe and  Melissa’s baby) Joe called Teresa ‘GARBAGE’ ! After that statement, and huge fight broke out, between the Gorga’s and the Guidice’s…It was painful to watch, but here is a clip:
 And, it was downhill from there. Just as it appeared that Teresa had made up with her brother…along came Cousin Kathy. She and Teresa also had a few problems and EVERYTHING began to boil. In a nutshell: Teresa did NOT want any member of her family on the show, except for TERESA!! So, I have to ask: Why did Melissa nad Kathy agree to do the show, KNOWING that it would shed light on some, otherwise, private issues? FAME! Now, Melissa has a singing career, Kathy is catering (I think), and Teresa’s second book, Fabulicious, made the NY Times Best Seller List. Oh, yes…The book.
In her recent cookbook, Teresa made a couple of unflattering remarks about Caroline Manzo:
‘Caroline is as Italian as the Olive Garden.’
“Caroline is ONLY 1/16 Italian.’
These statements did not sit well with Caroline. AND, Caroline’s sister-in-law, Jacqueline is also on the outs with Teresa. Dang, Girl! The table has flipped on you, now, Teresa. Since the first season of the show, Caroline and Jacqueline have been Teresa’s biggest supporters. They stuck  by her through the bankruptcy, criminal allegations, and family drama. But, now, according  Jacqueline’s Twitter: ‘Teresa is SCUM.’ and Caroline states, ‘We were never REALLY friends.’ Ouch.
When Season 3 ended, the ladies were hardly on good terms. And, in last nights Part 1 of the Reunion, it was obvious, this pot is JUST BEGINNING to stir: CLICK below for a preview..
Teresa was basically called out at every turn by her fellow cast mates, during Part 1 of the reunion. The 2 most surprises factors were: Jacqueline Laurita, a fan favorite ad Teresa’s former friend, REFUSED to show up for the reunion! Not sure, how she could ethically do that, considering this is YOUR JOB..But, she did Tweet during the episode. Clearly giving the impression that Caroline was right when she said, ‘Jacqueline did not want to be in the same room with Teresa.’  And, honestly, neither did the other ladies. Melissa and Kathy shed some negative light on Teresa’s personality. Things, only family would know….But, Caroline was the MOST shocking with her revelation that Teresa said, ‘She DID NOT want to make up with her brother!’ Teresa immediately responded, ‘YOUR A LIAR!!!” Wow! I don’t think there is anyone who would cosign that Caroline Manzo is known to lie…Sorry, Teresa. If things don’t turn around in Season 4, we may be saying, ‘Ciao, Bella!’
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We Will Never Tire of Madame Kahn

If you love Mel Brooks, then you love Madeline Kahn and can probably throw out some her unforgettable movie quotes immediately, like:

“Hello, handsome, is that a ten-gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show?”

“Flames, on the side of my face, breathing-breath- heaving breaths.”

“Hurry up, Doctor. This baby gots to go winky tinky!”

“Taffeta, darling.”

“Ah, but the servant waits, while the *master* baits!”

And I am sure you can name the movies these quotes came from, above, because she is JUST that memorable!

And GAWD could she sing. What a set of pipes, no wonder Broadway snatched her up for “On the 20th Century” which Kristin Chenoweth will be playing her role in the upcoming revival…great match. And did you know Madeline sang “Glitter & Be Gay” from CANDIDE…so maybe Kristin is our answer to our modern Ms. Kahn. Listen to this amazing version of “G & G” – I had NO IDEA:

I wanted to be Madeline Kahn and would practice “I’m Tired” in front of my mirror for hours when I was kid! I thought this was the single best song on the planet.

My friend, Stephen Cole, in the Broadway industry, responded to a Facebook post I wrote about Madeline Kahn’s Birthday. He worked with her on two different occasions. He posted the following:

“I do remember one phone call. I can see myself in my kitchen talking to her. She said, “I don’t want to sing anything funny this year.” I said, “Anything you sing will be funny.” I let her do a ballad…What Makes Me Love Him from Apple Tree…She broke the place up. She sang Bewitched from Pal Joey. Everyone screamed. She was brilliant. She was very dear and sweet and just had no idea how fucking funny she was.” – Stephen Cole

She was taken way to early, but her legacy lives on. In Central Park there is a bench erected by her husband and her brother, dedicated in her memory. What a class act.

Sound bites of some of Ms. Kahn’s famous movie lines:


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